Current company’s status (brand identity, audiences and dissemination channels). Identification of most relevant marketing channels to reach your target. Choices for best media outlets for ad placements. Changes proposals.

Full-scale Marketing Plan

Services to be covered; media planning; optimization to reach business and brand recognition.

Marketing Strategy for Plan Execution

Our proposal for your advertising approach

Budgetting Services

Budget building, optimizations and reports.


Timelines and metrics for each campaign.

In today’s contemporary life, the digital world is developing literally day-by-day. People are using tablets and smart phones on a daily basis, desktop and personal computers are no more the only source for a great user’s experience. Search engines and social networks are within easy reach for potential customers and prospects. This gives limitless opportunities to implement the fundamentals of marketing strategies and obtain with a solid portfolio of customers who will keep coming back to your product or services. Of course – as long as you follow a certain plan for your marketing campaigns. 

By ‘certain’ we refer to the voice of your brand. That character that makes you stand out. That voice that makes the services you do recognizable and relative to exactly your brand. It is a matter of strategy and planning of which direction you will take upon – what tools are you going to use, how are you going to define your audiences and keep them coming back? We will calibrate the vision of your brand. Bring it to a more recognizable vision among the audiences, make it more focused and approachable. Without a clear marketing strategy that would be impossible to reach. SharpMedia is here for you!